Course Overview 


Introduction to Spanish is a Beginners Spanish course for students who have never studied the Spanish language before. This is a less intensive course than our Level 1 Spanish course, allowing you to ease your way into the language at a slower and more relaxed pace. If you’re unsure of your level, then take our quick Spanish language test here, or check our levels chart. 


Our Spanish language classes take place at our school in Covent Garden with a qualified, experienced teacher and fellow students. Evening language classes at IH London are dynamic and interactive as the emphasis is on spoken communication, which is achieved through lots of group work and role-plays. At the same time, there is systematic work on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, so that you can improve on all aspects of the language. Your teacher speaks in the target language throughout, so that you can refine your comprehension and listening skills. 


Course Content


Communication Points 

– Greeting people

– Introducing yourself and someone else

– Asking and giving personal details

– Talking about where you want to go and what you want to do in you next holidays

– Ordering in a restaurant/bar


Grammar Points

– Gender

– The three conjugations in present tense: -ar, -er, -ir

– Verbs: ser, llamarse, querer

– The articles

– Personal pronouns



– Leisure activities

– Numbers 0 – 100

– Professions

– Alphabet

– Food and drinks

– Days of the week and months of the year


Course Information 


  • Average class size: 8 (maximum 14) 


Class Schedule 


  • The classes are 1.5 hours per week 
  • The course runs for 10 weeks 
  • The course takes place on Friday evenings 18:00 – 19:30 
  • The possible study options for this course are as follow: 


14th January – 18th March 2022

8th April – 24th June 2022*

8th July – 9th September 2022

30th September – 2nd December 2022


*Due to the Bank Holidays there are no classes on Friday 15th April and 3rd June. The course still consists of 10 classes however, spread over 12 weeks.


This language course includes: 


  • Access to our Moodle platform to download lesson summaries, notes and resources 
  • Support and advice from Spanish language teachers 
  • Spanish language study tips 

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