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Online Japanese Levels 25&26 is an Intermediate Japanese course for students who have been studying the Japanese language for quite some time and who are wanting to progress to a more advanced level. This is an intensive Japanese course allowing you to take two Japanese levels in 6 weeks and progress more quickly. Online Japanese Levels 25&26 requires that you have previously studied Japanese Level 24 or a course of at least 288 class hours. If you’re unsure of your level, then take our quick Japanese language level test here, or check our level chart.


Our Online Japanese language classes take place via Zoom with a qualified, experienced teacher and fellow students. The interactive lessons emulate our face-to-face classes, and via teacher screen-sharing, students are able to experience a live classroom environment. From vocabulary activities and covering grammar points on the white board, to listening exercises, file sharing and ‘break-out rooms’ to practise speaking with classmates, students can learn without leaving the comfort of their homes. Take a look at an example of one of our online classes in this video.


Course Content


Communication points

– How to use different expressions for the giver and the receiver when exchanging gifts, using extremely polite form for someone with a higher status

– Expressing one’s purpose

– Talking about a speaker’s belief that the movement or change indicated by the verb is likely to occur

– Expressing or guessing how something looks like to the speaker from its external appearance

– Telling the listener that the speaker is going somewhere, doing something and coming back

– Making polite requests

– Expressing an action or state being excessive

– Explaining an action being easy or difficult to do

– Expressing one’s choice or decision


Grammar points

– Expressions for giving and receiving of things and actions

– Different expressions for someone of a higher and lower status

– Making polite requests

– Use of the particle “に” meaning “as a token of” or “in memory of”

– Use ofために to indicate a purpose

– Dictionary formのor Nounに to indicate an application or purpose

– Vます -form そうです い-adj な-adj(withoutい/withoutな)そうです

– Vて -form 来ます

– Vて -form くれませんか

– Vます -form すぎます い-adj な-adj(withoutい/withoutな)すぎます

– Vます -form やすい/にくい です

– Nを い-adj withoutい→く, /な-adj withoutな→に, N2に します

– Nに しま



わたしは ぶちょうに おみやげを いただきました。

わたしは しゃちょうに レストランに つれて行って いただきました。

せんせいが しゅくだいを 直なおしてくださいました。

わたしは むすめに りょうりを おしえて やりました。

だいがくに 入はいるために いっしょうけんめい べんきょうします。

この かばんは しょるいを 運はこぶのに つかいます。

いえを たてるのに 3000万円まんえん かかります。

いまにも 雨が ふりそうです。

この ケーキは あまそうです。

のみものを 買って来ます。

きのう 食べすぎました。

このケータイは 使つかいやすいです。

この スカートを みじかくしてくださ



– Staying at a guest house

– Community centre information

– Helping hands

– Rental service

– Office supplies and tools

– Personality and Nature

– Beauty salon and Barber’s shop


Course Book – Minna no Nihon-go Beginners Book 2

Chapters 41, 42, 43 & 44


Class Information


  • Average class size: 8 (maximum 12)
  • Students must be 18+ years old
  • Existing language ability: 288 class hours of previous Japanese language study required
  • Classes will take place via Zoom


Class Schedule


  • The classes are 2 hours per week
  • The course runs for 6 weeks
  • The course takes place on weekday evenings 18:30 – 20:30
  • The possible study options for this course are as follow:


Mondays + Wednesdays: 15th August – 21st September 2022


What do you need for an online class?


To get the most from this course you will need:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • A web camera on or attached to the device you are using
  • An integrated microphone in the device you are using or an attached headset
  • The day before your course, you will be sent via email all the details you need to connect to the IH London Zoom classroom


This language course includes:


  • Access to our Moodle platform to download lesson summaries, notes and resources
  • Support and advice from Japanese language teachers
  • Japanese language study tips

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