Tailor made one-to-one classes


Our flexible one-to-one Greek language training focuses on precisely what you need to help you progress quickly with the Greek language.

Whether you’re relocating to a Greek speaking country, working with Greek speaking colleagues or clients, or need to communicate more fluently with a partner and their family, our personalised Greek one-to-one course focuses solely on your needs and interests.

Our teachers are all native-level speakers with a deep understanding of the social and cultural use of the Greek language. From making company presentations to improving social language skills, they will base your tuition on your Needs Analysis Form and current level so your studies are tailored to your exact requirements.


Who is this course for?


This course is ideal for highly motivated professionals and business clients who want to make quick progress in improving their communication skills and vocabulary. Lessons times are flexible, to fit in with your needs and requirements. You will be working with a dedicated teacher who has experience in your field.


Our one-to-one teachers


International House is the UK’s largest language teacher training organisation. Our teachers are highly experienced, qualified native-level speakers who give engaging, dynamic lessons. They have access to an unparalleled library of resources and receive on-going support and input from our world-class academic team.


What are the differences between studying in a group setting and individually?


One-to-one lessons can be tailored to your needs, level and capability. Lessons are based on topics or situations that you are familiar with and enjoy. You can even help by providing some materials to make the course specific to your needs.

During a one-to-one session a teacher can focus 100% of his/her time and energy on addressing your needs and you will certainly benefit from the increase in attention.

In a group situation the teacher’s attention is dedicated to all students opposed to just you, lessons can be very dynamic and offer a great variety of interaction between students through role-play, simulations and games.


Need assistance choosing your course?

Take a look at our FAQs page which has lots of information about our classes.

FAQs – Foreign Languages

Unsure of your level?

If you're unsure of your Greek level, take a look at our handy chart.

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